Monday Morning is live!

Hey friends/ enemies/ general internet weirdos,

As you have no doubt already noticed Monday Morning has been live for a couple of days now so hopefully you have gotten a chance to read it. If you haven't please stop reading this and read it now! It will only take five minutes of your time plus you can feel good about yourself knowing you have made one awkward man-child who wants to write the funny books very happy. 

Won't say too much about Monday Morning (I'm one of those wanky arty types who wants to let a project 'speak for itself') except that I am very proud of it but also know that there is plenty of room for improvement in my writing. That said, I am enjoying being able to chill for a little bit knowing that my first comic is 100% done and out in the world.

To address a question a couple of people have been asking me, Monday Morning is a self enclosed stand alone story. I don't have any plans to expand on it and, for now at least, the complete story is enclosed within its twenty pages.

Finally, in case you are wondering 'what's next?', the answer is lots! Nothing set in stone at this stage but got a couple of short scripts I'm hoping to get illustrated and up for your reading pleasure in the first half of this yeah.

A massive thanks to everyone who has taken time to read Monday Morning. THANKYOU, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU. Having my name on a finished comic is a dream come true. Here's to many more!


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