So what next?

Today I handed in my last uni assignment which means (assuming I pass) I am done with my Arts degree and ready to move onto the next 'stage' of my life ... and by stage I do mean unemployment, or at least a lack of employment in my field anyway. But hey, no one does an arts degree for the money.

And now comes the question that has been niggling away in my brain: 

What comes next?

Well more comics, obviously. Just how many and in what form I am yet to figure out. At this stage I want to make a few more shorts to put online for free but my main challenge moving forward is figuring out how I can begin to off-set the cost of production.

I love making comics and have had the pleasure of working with some amazing collaborators, but talented artists don't (nor should they) work for free. This means every comic I make is a financial loss. For example, depending on page rates and Us/Aus dollar exchange rates a short comic can cost me anywhere between 200- 600 dollareedoos. This isn't a complaint, I knew what I was signing up for, but it does mean the amount of comics I can make is directly tied to how many comics I can afford to make. In short in order to make more/ longer comics I need to figure out a way to offset the cost.

This means that, for better or worse, I am considering crowdfunding at least one longer comic project next year. In the past I have been pretty cynical toward unknown/un-established writers (a.k.a me) using crowdfunding. Why should I expect kindhearted people on the internet to fund my 'passion project', if i'm not willing to fund it out of my own pocket? 

With this in mind I am hoping that the portfolio I am building here as well as the fact the funds raised will offset the production cost rather than cover it all (the project will still be partly funded out of my own pocket) will be enough to counteract my hesitations. Either way I will probably feel like a massive hypocrite about it, so that'll be fun. 

- Christof

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