A look back at whatever the hell 2016 was ...

Since the year is almost over and I fly out to Hawaii (or as it will soon be known ‘Trump Island’) in a couple of days for a much needed holiday, I thought I would take a few moments to look back on the year.

2016. What a year.

Events occurred. Things took place. Stuff happened.

Some good. Some bad. Some really, really, really fucking bad.

I wish I had something better to say in light of all the truly terrible stuff that is taking place in the world right now. I speak of course of Trump and closer to home the inhumane treatment of refugees and resurgence of One Nation. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said a million times better than I could ever say it.

Although it tore me up inside to see art, love and rational thought to be beaten by inflammatory racism and ignorance, I am very aware that as a straight white man I will no doubt emerge relatively unscathed, as straight men have all throughout our questionable history. My heart goes out to everyone else who’s financial security, safety and human rights will and have come under fire. I am truly sorry.

Amongst this clusterfuck of unfortunate events I made some comics.

Three comics to be exact. All of which I am insanely proud of. I had the awesome opportunity to work with some stellar collaborators namely Anastasia Troitskaya, Triona Farrell, Josh Spencer and Armin Ozdic (see end of this post). Thanks so much for working with this Australian goofball and bringing my stories to life one panel at a time.

Finally, I would be a real jerk not to thank all you wonderful people who took time out of your busy lives to read my comics and let me know you enjoyed them. Thanks so much for your support and loyalty it really means a lot. Also an extra special thanks to everyone who used their real-human-money and bought a digital copy of Monday Morning. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

If you would also like to be THE BEST you can grab a PDF of Monday Morning here for the princely sum of $1.50.

I genuinely wish I could offer the world something better than fucking funny books* but for now it’s all I've got so it’s what I am going to to do; write my stupid stories about exploding light-bulbs, imaginary friends and sympathetic zombies.

With that in mind in 2017 I plan to make more. At this stage I am not quite sure how many, how long they will be or how I will fund them all but for better or worse there will be more!

Hope you have a good Christmas/ New year period and remember to be kind to yourselves.


*Disclaimer: The phrase 'Fucking funny books' is just an expression, my comics aren't actually about fucking. 

Ps. Here’s a panel from something I am cooking up with artist Armin Ozdic with colours by Triona Farrell.

'Circle' coming soon. 

'Circle' coming soon. 


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