Adventures in Anxiety.

So for the last couple of days Iv'e wanted to write a blog post but haven't really known what to say.

At first I planned on doing some sort of pop-culture centric rant or writing a quick update on what I'm working on, but every time I tried I gave up after a few sentences. So instead I thought I would just be honest.

Like a lot of people I suffer from  depression and anxiety. Usually I cycle between the two; I start off anxious for three to four weeks,  eventually tire myself out then sink into depression for a week or two only to eventually pull out. Then I get one to two glorious days where I feel like a normal human person before the anxiety creeps back and the cycle starts all over again. 

For the last week I have been going through a particularity anxious period. I haven't been sleeping well, I always feel on edge and on the really bad days I feel physically ill. 

Iv'e been doing this dance for a while now so I can generally predict when I will crash and what I can accomplish/ can't accomplish when I'm badly depressed or highly anxious. Still sucks though.

On a more positive note despite my shitty mental health I am currently working on writing another 20 page comic and Iv'e got a super talented artist working her magic on a four page script I wrote last year (more updates on that shortly), so please keep watching this space! Monday Morning was just the beginning. 

- Christof


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