Sticks and Stones

One of my biggest goals for this year, apart from writing/producing as many comics as I can, is to get better at accepting and utilising constructive criticism. 

Currently I downright suck at. What can I say, I'm a fragile soul. 

On paper I recognise how important being able to accept feedback on your work is. Hell, Iv'e heard and witnessed so many cases of people's egos getting in the way of them improving creatively. It's super important and I know this. Yet, I still get stupidly defensive/ dismissive when people have anything other then praise for something iv'e written.

Part of the problem comes from the fact I'm a massive introvert (no surprises there).

When I'm working on a script I'm at my most introverted. What I'm working on consumes my thoughts and by the time I finish I am convinced that what flickers on my laptop screen is a masterpiece. Perfectly formed and flawless.

And in the vacuum of isolation it is. 

Except that it isn't, obviously. 

As much as it can be annoying to find out that bad-ass line of dialogue you wrote is actually a pile of cliché shit or that plot twist you thought of in a flash of 'genius' doesn't work, it's essential. It's amazing what a fresh set of eyes can bring to a project.

And this is what I'm slowly teaching my undeserved ego. I suck, I will continue to suck for some time and that's totally ok. What's not ok is denying it, acting like everything you do is perfect and telling people who offer you constructive criticism that they just don't 'get it' (also known as the Tarantino defence).

So with that in mind if you spot a gaping plot hole in something Iv'e written, think my dialogue feels stiff, notice one of my many grammar mistakes, or have any feedback for me please hit me up. I'm determined to get better and the only way I can do that is with your help.

- Christof

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