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Hey freindos,

As always I've been pretty busy. I'm in my final semester of Uni so things are getting fairly demanding, and although I still have some comic projects and scripts in the pipeline, for the next month or so at least, comics writing is on the back burner.  

So to keep the website fresh and poppin' (that's what the kids say right?) I thought I would share with you some art I have been sitting on from Monday Morning artist Anastasia Troitskaya.

Anastasia called it Monday Morning 'fan art' although I am not sure if it counts as fan art given she was the original artist of the comic! Either way it was a real treat to see Anastasia bring Paul and Beth to life again. If you haven't checked it out already you can read Monday Morning for free here.

Art by Anastasia Troitskaya

Art by Anastasia Troitskaya

Before I go to back to study (and by study I actually mean have an existential crisis as I stare at a blank word document) I thought I would quickly plug the latest episode of the Read, Watch Play!, a podcast I help to host and produce for Geek of Oz. Like a lot of the things I do the podcast is half pop-culture based ramblings, half bullshit and a whole lot of fun.

You can check the podcast out here 

Anyway that's all from me. trying to get better at this whole blogging thing so expect a new blog post soon!


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