My first comic for 2017 is uuup!

I've been a busy boy. 

Iv'e managed to get a lot done since we last spoke!

First up I now have a newsletter, 'cleverly' titled You Snooze, You Newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. I'll still continue to update this blog but it will no doubt be infrequent so be sure to sign up to my newsletter if you want more constant and in depth updates.

Secondly, I have a brand new comic to share! It's called CIRCLE and you can read it here for FREE!

I am super proud of this one. I definitely think it's one of the tightest and most well polished scripts Iv'e ever written plus I managed to secure a killer team to bring it to life.

On the pencils and inks is Armin Ozdic. I stumbled across Armin's art on the Millarworld forums and was blown away by his delicate line work and detailed characters. 

On the colours is old mate Triona Farrell. I previously worked with Triona on Train and it was a delight to be able to collaborate with her again. Her rich, moody palettes elevate every project she is apart of.

And finally Taylor Esposito on the letters. Taylor is a consummate professional. Friendly, easy to work with and his work speaks for itself. This was the first time I had brought on a letterer, I usually try and do a dodgy job myself, but after working with Taylor I am never going  back to doing my own lettering!

Before I go Iv'e got one last thing to plug:  I finally caved and got a facebook page for my comics. If you could take a few minutes to throw a like my way it would be greatly appreciated. 

Well that's all for now. As always thanks for your support. 


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